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The right tool for the job


Are you using a wrench when you need a hammer? We can find ourselves stubbornly enduring bad situations and decisions when we turn from solid Biblical counsel to trust in our own abilities, instead of Christ's finished work. ...

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Safely secluded

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As believers we are like trees in the cold, dark days of winter--held steady by an inner strength and purpose, one wrought by God himself and sustained by his powerful grace. ...

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Slow down, dear Christian


Do we often find ourselves rushing ahead, forging our own paths, and attempting to ‘run the race’ in our own strength? Psalm 46 is a vivid reminder to place our trust in God alone, and as the first - not last - resort, to avoid this world’s pits and snares that can impede the race He has set before us....

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Genesis: Gospel foundations

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A new sermon series at CtR has started in 2021. Pastor Aaron explains why studying Genesis helps us discover who we are and why we are here. In doing so, we learn about our creator, who after he created all things, including mankind, looked down upon it and called it “very good.” ...

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What do you expect for the new year?


Do you have expectations for this new year? Are you praying that 2021 brings far less complications and difficulties than 2020? The Book of Ecclesiastes has some important reminders for us about where we place our priorities....

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A season of thankfulness

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The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here. For many, 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year. Yet God's word encourages us to be a people who give thanks in all seasons. ...

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What exactly is Reformed theology?

Reformed Theology blog

This October marks the 503rd anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. What does it mean to be Reformed? Pastor Aaron writes, "I am convinced that Reformed theology is simply Biblical theology", and he outlines and defines its major tenets....

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Consider 64 years.


How are 64 years, the year 1517, Hagia Sophia, and Christ all related? CtR Youth Leader Luke Stivers connects the dots with a challenge to consider 'Holy Wisdom'....

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Sickness and the people of God


Sickness, quarantines, and missing church bring a loss of fellowship. How should God’s people respond? Pastor Aaron shares his honest reflections after a recent illness sidelined him and his family. ...

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CTR Family: Do these 6 things.

CTR BLOG - 6 things1

A lot has happened within our church family this summer, and we have much to be thankful for! Psalm 100 gives us 6 ways we should respond to God's amazing provision and rich blessings....

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