Ecce Homo!

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Jerusalem was busy that day. Passover lambs were being prepared, but the Hosannas of the Sabbath-Day past were diluted and deafened by today’s hatred and shame. The Sanhedrin was hard at work, plotting and lying. Bloodthirsty they were: hunting their enemy, our Lord. The streets of Jerusalem were full of noise, clatter, and the smell of death and confusion filled the air.

They raised Him up on the Roman beam, like a criminal. They mocked and spit and sneered. Yet He held back heaven and power and might. His word could have called an end to it all, but love and faith girded Him for the work of redemption. He knew the disbelief of many, the mockery of millions past, present, and future. He knew the sin, the pain, the doubt, the fears of us all. He also knew the love of His Father in heaven. He knew the Love that swallows up death and spits it back out. He knew the power to come.

When Christ breathed His last breath, the earth shook. The veil was torn and our substitution was made. The afternoon sky darkened and the voices ceased. As the evening of that first Good Friday fell, the tumults and angry crowds, the timid governors and slithering priests all hushed. Over the whole land Sabbath peace had fallen. The streets were silent and empty, the houses stood still. Only with the cemetery’s guard at our Lord’s lonely tomb was there any movement or flickering of fire.

Like Pilate, I present to you, dear Reader, this Man: Jesus, God’s Christ. Like Pilate, we tremble often in fear and sin. But unlike him our hope is sure; our fears ultimately cease and our souls are cleansed, not just our hands. You can trust that when Jesus Christ tipped his crown of thorns that dreadful day, a thousand bright beams pierced heaven. When he raises his face again, there will be jubilee!


"Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!” John 1:29