Consider 64 years.


Greetings CtR Youth!  No Youth Group tonight.  Instead consider 64 years.  64 years is a short life; a death one year before average retirement age.  Now then consider the Reformation, begun in 1517, 503 years ago.

Recently I was reminded that Hagia Sophia, perhaps the finest church of Christendom, was converted back to a mosque this past July.

Hagia Sophia is unique not only in its extraordinary architecture and beauty, but also in its significance in time.  It was first converted to a mosque in 1453 when Constantinople fell to Mehmed II.  Thus, Hagia Sophia marks the end of the Roman Empire as embodied in the East by way of Constantinople.  

Do you see how extraordinary this is? 1453 to 1517; the ancient empire of Rome--the context of Christ and the New Testament--almost touching the Reformation by one short lifetime of 64 years.  And a mere three months ago, this church was in the news.  

Go read about Hagia Sophia, look it up and enjoy it.  Imagine how one day you might visit it in person and take in its expanse.  Consider how much the world will change in your own lifetime which might be about 64 years.  

Pay close attention to the name Hagia Sophia, which is, “Holy Wisdom”.  This name is not a reference to secular intellectual pursuit, a`la the atheistic church of reason.  Rather it is a reference to Jesus Christ, the Logos (reason).  Jesus is the Holy Wisdom.

This is not a name we often use for Christ, but we should!  Christ is Reason; Christ is Logos.  He is Hagia Sophia. He is Wisdom.  

Can you see Christ in Proverbs?  It’s October 7th.  Now read Holy Wisdom in Proverbs 7.