Sunday Morning Worship Service

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February 7, 2021

10:30am – 11:45am

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Sunday Morning Worship Service will be held in the sanctuary at 10:30 AM.  Please review the details on what to expect here.

The Livestream of the service (available for immediate or later viewing) will be found here.

You can find the full liturgy for this week's service here.

'The Covenant of Marriage' is the theme of Pastor Aaron's sermon this Sunday as he continues his sermon series Gospel Foundations: An Exegetical Study of Genesis 1 - 11, teaching from the 2nd Chapter of Genesis.

 “The Covenant of Marriage”

Text: Genesis 2:18-25
God creates in Adam a desire for companionship.   [18-20] 
God designs a helper to be compatible with man.    [21-22]
God defines what marriage will be.                            [23-24]
God provides security and blessing through marriage. [25]

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Sunday Morning Worship Service