Home Fellowship Groups


The Bible has many references to shepherding and care of a flock.  Christ the Redeemer takes seriously the responsibility to nurture and instruct those within the body.  Each elder is given care and oversight of a Flock (one or more Home Fellowship Groups).

Home Fellowship Groups at Christ the Redeemer are smaller groups that are intended to provide each individual and family the means to live out the Christian life together with a close community of believers.  In Home Fellowship Groups (aka “Flock Groups”) we gather regularly to study the Bible and discuss sermons, pray, and care about each other in a more informal setting.  We learn to both understand and apply the Word as we strive to grow in Christ, and as we seek to ‘love one another with brotherly affection.’ -Romans 12:10

Those who are regular attenders or become members of Christ the Redeemer are assigned to a Home Fellowship Group.