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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Christ the Redeemer is transitioning back to gathered worship following a pause for the COVID-19 restrictions and a time of online services only.  Depending on the forecasted weather and other considerations, we meet outside on our beautiful property for the worship service at 9:00 a.m. or inside in the sanctuary at 9:00 a.m.  We will resume Sunday School and nursery when feasible.  The Session carefully reviews the timing of this ramp up weekly.

Please check the EVENTS PAGE to see how we will be meeting the following Sunday, and to familiarize yourself with our new procedures during the transition time.



We are delighted that you’ve found our home on the web, and we would love to have you visit us for worship on Sunday morning.  Expect to receive warm greetings, and to find a wonderful blend of ages and life stages in our body, with an especially abundant crop of children. 


Sunday School/Christian Education for children, youth, and adults precedes the Worship service.  [This is temporarily on pause due to COVID considerations.]

The Worship Service currently begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at about 10:20 a.m.  [We will be resuming a later start time after we restart Sunday School.]

Fellowship follows the worship service.  


Following the example of our planting church, we view and strive to pattern worship as the greatest and grandest privilege of the Christian life, where we aim to “magnify God in the beauty of holiness”. Worship each Sunday is a reorienting to the truth of the Gospel, and a sacred opportunity to be nourished and fed by the hearing of the Word and the celebration of the Sacraments.


Our worship at Christ the Redeemer can be best described as classical in style, but at the same time personal, warm, and relevant.  Our worship style is participatory, and is a joyous, sincere celebration of our salvation in Jesus Christ.  We use a liturgy patterned on timeless, ancient forms, and sing hymns that remind us that we are God’s people with a rich faith tradition who are historically connected to a long line of saints that preceded us.  It is our prayer that this God-centered style of worship will bless you and strengthen your faith, whether you’ve always worshipped in this way or are new to this format. 


At Christ the Redeemer we place a high value on the content of our worship service.  There is intentionality around the weekly liturgy, music selections, prayers, confessions of faith and every aspect of the service.  The goal is that all elements will work in tandem to tell the good news of the Gospel story.  The service follows a specific order (see an example here), and this familiar sequence is a comforting anchor and a habit that shapes us as we worship God together weekly.  Our worship service is both a “Divine Covenant” and a “Covenant Renewal”, and you can read more about the signficance of that here.  We celebrate the sacrament of Communion each Sunday.


Teaching is expositional in format, meaning a passage of Scripture is proclaimed verse by verse, and its context and significance unpacked to show what God is revealing to us, and how Scripture is transformational in our lives.  Sermons are explicitly Gospel-driven.  Our lead pastor typically preaches through a particular book of the Bible over a series of weeks, and occasionally this is interspersed with a special sermon topic delivered by a guest pastor.


Some people dress up and others dress down; there is no dress code.  More important is bringing an expectant and reverent heart for worship and desiring to meet with God.


Nursery is offered for infants through age 3 during the worship service. [Nursery is temporarily paused due to COVID considerations.]


If you have questions, prayer requests, or would like to talk to our pastor, you can contact Christ the Redeemer here